what is going to become of this blog?

I am so busy in college right now. Honestly, it's so hard for me to keep up with my work and to try and worry about this blog. But I still want to continue to try to update and write on this blog as much as possible, since it is something that I like to do. I'm going to start by revamping the look of the blog and giving it a makeover. Then I'm going to start working on the content of this blog to try to make it the best it can be. I hope if anyone still sees this, they understand and are patient with me.

Am I back?!?

I have decided to revive this blog. I know I have said this in the past and I have done a very crappy job of sticking to my word. But I am going to try my hardest to go with it this time. I started this blog while I was in high school, being inspired by people like Zoella, who I adore, and now I am in college. I have learned a lot since the beginning. And I want to share that with people. I enjoy writing, even if I am bad at it. And I enjoy the things I write about. I have also changed quite a bit since the beginning, even since I last blogged. And I also want to share that with people. Because I have gone through a few things and maybe one person could be helped by hearing my stories. And even if no one finds what I have to say useful, that's alright. Because this blog is also for me. It's a way for me to say something. Even if no one is listening.

So prepare for my first blog post from my return on December 31, 2015, also known as New Years Eve.

Back to School VIDEO: College Haul

Sooo, the reason there is no blog post today is because I decided to film a video instead. I've always wanted to start a youtube channel, so I decided why not. This is my first video (besides all my other concert clips) so I was extremely awkward. But I'm normally awkward anyway so oh well. I'll probably be doing some more videos in the future. I just decided to do a college haul as my first video because I bought a lot of new stuff for college and wanted to share it. Anyway if you wanna watch it, I'll have it below or you can click here.

Back To School: Packing For College Part 1

As some may know, I am going to be starting college soon. I actually don't start for about a month, but I know a lot of other people are starting earlier, so I'm sorry if you have already started school and this didn't help you but hopefully this will help someone. For me, the hardest part of going to college is the packing, because I have a lot of stuff, and at first, I didn't really know what to take, or what I could take. So I decided to share what I have learned about packing for college and hopefully it will help you guys out. I am in a triple dorm room, with a communal bathroom, so I am basing this list off of that, so if you are in a different type of room (apartment, suite, private bathroom, etc.) this list might be a little different. I decided to put this with my back to school series, because it is back to school related, but I will probably be making multiple packing for college posts (maybe a video or two, because it might be easier) because I feel there are multiple areas that I should cover. And I don't want this post to me unimaginably long.

  • Bedding: I would recommend buying 2-3 sets of sheets. Make sure they are XL Twin because that is what most dorm beds are. So this way you always have one to put on your bed. You can just take the dirty ones off and put on a clean pair right then. Then just wash your sheets and do the same thing the next time you want to change them. I also recommend this with pillow cases. For pillows, I like to sleep with a lot of pillows, but it's a personal preference, I would say to bring two, that way you can stack them up and lean against the wall if you're sitting on your bed. I also say to bring a body pillow, just to put between the wall and the bed for some extra comfort. Another thing, which is going to be a good investment, is a mattress topper, which is like an extra foam layer to go on top of your mattress. A lot of dorm beds are super hard and uncomfortable, so this just makes it feel a little better. Finally one of my favorite parts, blankets. I love using a ton of blankets, even though I live in California and it doesn't get too cold. I would recommend bringing at least two or three depending on the weather where you live. I would also recommend one of those be one of those fuzzy throw blankets, that way if you are just sitting at your desk or on your bed you can wrap up in a soft blanket, and it won't be too big.
  • Desk/Electronics: I'm not going to go into school supplies, and such right now, but I just wanted to mention a few things I think you should have on your desk beside school supplies. Firstly, a desk organizer. I think it is so important to keep your desk organized, and organizers just help make that a lot easier. They give you a place to put your pens, pencils, paper clips, and other supplies you might have. You also need a lamp, for all that late night studying. My school didn't provide one, but I would check with yours to see if you need to buy one. This next one isn't necessary, but I think it adds a nice touch to the room, and that is a plant. I feel having a succulent on your desk just makes you feel better and adds some life to your room. A printer also isn't necessary, but depending on how much you see yourself printing, you may find it easier just to find a cheap printer to keep on your desk, rather than always going to the library and paying for it. And the big necessity of college would probably be a laptop. There's going to be so much work you have to do requiring a computer, you are going to hate having to go the library every time you need to use one. Another thing you will quickly realize you need is a surge protector. With 3 people in a room, you will soon figure out there are not enough outlets for 3 phones, 3 laptops, 3 lamps, 3 printers, etc. 
  • Bath: Of course you are going to need towels. I would recommend getting 3-4. This is just so you don't have to keep constantly having to wash them, and you can have a few extras on handy. If you are in a communal bathroom like me, you will definitely need shower shoes. I recommend getting the flip flops with the holes in them because they seem to be the most convenient. I also would recommend figuring out if you are going to put on clothes after your shower, or if you are going to walk to your room to change. If you choose the later, I would recommend a robe or a towel wrap, just so your towel doesn't fall down while you walk to your room, but that is up to your personal preference. Of course, one of the must haves is a shower caddy, or it will basically be impossible to get everything to the bathroom, without making multiple trips. They have ones with removable portions, but it's up to you if you think you will need that or not. 

Get The Look: Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jean Inspirations

Personally, I love boyfriend jeans. I think they are a great change from the classic skinny jeans and a great way to change up your style. If you don't know what boyfriend jeans are they are essentially just baggy jeans, that, most of the time, are distressed or have holes in them. Now you don't have to have a boyfriend and steal his jeans to get boyfriend jeans. A lot of popular stores sell them. One of the biggest problems with boyfriend jeans though is how to style them. So I have included 3 looks to help with you guys with how to style them.

Girly in Jeans

This first look is more on the girly side. I revolved this look around the black floral top, and added girly-er pieces onto that. I think the wedges and bow as well as the peach and coral colored make up make the look even more girly and make it more feminine.

Stealing the Boyfriends Clothes

This look is more on the grungier side. I personally love looks like this, so that maybe why you notice a lot of looks like this. I would pair the jeans with just a black print tank, wrap a flannel around my waist (also a boyfriend flannel, because mens flannels are much better than the ones for girls) and add some boots and eyeliner. It's a very simple look just for hanging around.

A Little Red in a World of Black

This last look is a bit edgier. I like the idea of heels and boyfriend jeans, so I decided to go that route, but I also didn't want to make this look totally girly. So I thought I would go all black, and put in some edgy pieces, like the top, the metal on the bag, and the killer heels. Also throw on some wicked eyeliner and a pop of red on the lips for some color and the look is totally kick ass.

Back To School: Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

Hello everyone! Today I am doing another addition to my Back to School Series. If you want to see the other posts in the series you can click here. This post is about decorating for your dorm room, or if you don't live in a dorm, your bedroom or house in general. These are some of the most popular ideas are found. Of course there a tons of other ways to decorate a room, and I might do a second post on some of the other ideas I find. Or I might do one on how I decorate my dorm, since I am going to be a freshman this year, and this is my first experience with decorating a dorm. So look out for future posts like that in the future and I hope you enjoy these decorating ideas.
  • Photo Wall: I’m sure we all have tons of photos on our phones, with tons of memories of our friends and families and good times. But since they’re just sitting on our phone, we never look at them. The solution, print a ton off and put them on your wall. You can go about this a ton of different ways. You can arrange the photos on your wall in shapes, words, or just by sticking them to your wall. When you put them on the wall, be sure to attach them in a way that won’t damage the wall, especially since colleges tend to fine for room damage. I recommend using taping. Maybe if you don’t want to do each one to the wall individually, find a frame, piece of cardboard, a corkboard, or giant piece of paper, attach all the photos to that, and put that on your wall. This would make it a lot easier to take down at the end of the year, and you can easily put it back up next year.
  • Quote Wall: A spin on the photo wall would be to make a quote wall. Instead of using photos of you and your friends, use photos of inspiring quotes, movie quotes, quotes you like, or even song lyrics. You can find pictures of these on sites like tumblr, or weheartit. If you can’t find one you really want, you can always create your own on an app on your phone. All you need is a background picture and whatever text you would like. To put these on your wall, just do the same as you would for the photo wall.
  • Fairy Lights: Or Christmas lights, whatever you call them (I like fairy lights because that sounds more magical.) You can hang these up around your room. They can go on your wall, around your desk, above your bed. You can also put some above your bed, on the ceiling, and put a sheet or curtain over them to make a cool glowing effect. Another idea, if you can find some small battery operated ones, would be to put them in a jar and create a fairy jar. Or if you can't find any Christmas lights, you can use the decorative ones that come in star shapes, or paper balls, whatever you prefer. 
  • Wall Flowers: If you want to add more to your walls, you can put some paper flowers on them. Just use a stencil from the internet, and cut out some flowers. Then you can fold the flower and tape one side of the flower to the wall. This will create a 3D effect and having the flowers sticking out from the wall. You can also do this in different shapes, like butterflies, paper cranes, hearts. And you can customize it to fit the color scheme in your room, and make the flowers in specific colors.
  • Plants: A way to add some life to your room are plants. You make think it might be a little hard to take care of soemthing, when you can barely take care of yourself, but there are many plants that are low maintence. As long as you have a desk or table by a window, you can most likely get a plant. There are succulents and air plants, which require little watering, and add some liveliness to a room. You can also decorate the pot or container they are in to add more decoration to your space.
  • Tapestry: I have seen a lot of people doing this, so I'm guessing its a pretty popular thing. That is to hang a tapestry on your wall. Most people do it by their bed, and it adds some design and color to the room. It is a pretty easy decorating technique because all you are doing is hanging up a piece of decorate fabric. If you don't want to put a lot of effort into decorating your walls, or if you have a wall that is just plain that you don't know what to do with, then I would suggest going this route. 
  • Pops of Color: I don't know if any of you have a color scheme for your room, or if you care about the color scheme, but I suggest using color. It will make your room a lot more lively. If you want to keep your room on the more neutral side, then just use pops of color, whether thats a few colorful pillows, or some colorful desk supplies. Or  if you are already going for a color scheme, add a few pops of metallic. Like a few gold pieces on your desk, or maybe silver or copper, whichever goes best with your room. This gives it more variety, and makes your room more interesting.

Random Fashion Looks

I've been creating a lot of looks lately, and they don't necessarily fit into a specific series. But I still want to show them to you all. If you want to see more of my creations, and outfits, and fashion ideas, check out my Polyvore. (@takemetosomeday) This is where I make all of the sets for my fashion looks that I include in my posts. Enough with the self promo. I hope you guys enjoy these random looks I put together.

Get The Look: Street Style

Get the Look: Cara Delevingne


Blue Sea