New Apps: 5/18/13

9:26 AM Nicki 2 Comments

My absolute favorite new app this week is probably A Beautiful Mess. This is the only app that I will probably pay for. It's a photo editor, sort of like Instagram. They have a few different filters that you can edit your photos with. The reason I love it is because there are so many cute borders, little doodles and cute sayings you can put on your pictures. They also have different fonts so you can put your own text on the pictures. Honestly I'm not one to pay for apps, but I truly love this one. I'm a big fan of A Beautiful Mess. (If you've never seen their blog go check it out!) And I love the way the edit their pictures that they always include in their blog posts. Now I can make my pictures look just like theirs with their new app!

My next new app is recent re-download. Instagram. I know, you guys already know everything there is about Instagram. It's probably the most downloaded photo editing and photo sharing app out there. But I just thought I would include it in here. You guys can also go follow me. *hint hint* My username is AshNikki123

I've also just downloaded a new game. My friends were really into this a while ago but I never downloaded it. It's called Subway Surfers. It's kind of like Temple Run except instead of being in the middle of nowhere, you're running through the subways. You're being chased by what I assume is a security guard while trying to dodge subways and collect coins and power ups. So basically it's like another Temple Run. And if you like Temple Run I suggest checking this game out.

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