Passing Finals

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Since finals are coming up I have decided to put together a few tips that I have found to help me pass my finals and AP tests. I hope everyone find them to be helpful.
  1. Eat Good Foods
    • It is important while you are studying to eat foods that will give you brain power! Some of the best snacks are blueberries, nuts and seeds, and dark chocolate. You could make a little healthy snack mix to just keep by you while you are studying to munch on. In general, foods that help you boost your memory and brain power are eggs, avocado, fish, whole grains, and other things high in vitamins or protein.
  2. Color Code
    • While going through your notes, it is advised to color code! I use a different color for formulas, definitions, dates, and important facts that I NEED to remember. Color coding helps to differentiate different topics and facts in your notes, and will easily allow you to find a specific fact you are looking for. There are many different ways to color code depending on how you study. If you just reread your notes, then highlighting in different colors would probably be your best method. If you are like me, and like to make mind maps or rewrite your notes, I recommend writing in different colored pens.
  3. Mind Maps
    • Mind maps are a way to organize and rewrite your notes. I find them to be helpful, because as you rewrite the notes, it helps you to memorize what you are writing. They also allow you to think about how certain topics connect to each other, which allows you to get a better understanding of your topics, and also help you to figure out what you need clarification or more explanation on.
  4. Find What Works for You
    • Not everyone's brains think the same. I personally like to listen to music when I study because I can't study in complete silence. However, some people can't handle any type of distraction while studying. It is best to experiment with different locations and study techniques to determine what you like the best and what works the most for you.
  5. Get Enough Sleep
    • Do NOT stay up until 5 trying to study for a test you have the next day. Your brain needs to relax. It isn't healthy to stay up so late or to only get a little amount of sleep. The brain can also not fully function on such little sleep, which is why it is recommended to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
  6. Plan
    • Waiting until the day before your test to study is never a good idea. I recommend getting a planner, or some sort of organizational tool to help you plan when to study. I use a bullet journal to do this since it's more flexible than a planner. It is best to plan your week out at the beginning of the week so you can fit everything in and plan when you want to study and when you have time.
  7. De-Stress
    • Don't spend all of your time studying. Yes, you need to study to pass your finals, but the stress of constantly studying isn't healthy. Go on a run, do exercise, draw, paint your nails, walk to the store, have a coffee with friends. Allow your brain some relax time. Don't try to stuff everything in their at once and take a break every once and a while.
  8. Don't Give Up and Find Motivation
    • I recommend checking out studyblr on tumblr. It is basically a bunch of other students posting about their study tips, and all of their notes and progress. I find seeing everyone else's notes and mind maps and study habits helps to motivate and makes me want to study. To start off, check out my studyblr, here.
    • Also DONT GIVE UP! I believe you can pass all of your finals and tests and good luck to all of you.

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