Back To School: Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

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Hello everyone! Today I am doing another addition to my Back to School Series. If you want to see the other posts in the series you can click here. This post is about decorating for your dorm room, or if you don't live in a dorm, your bedroom or house in general. These are some of the most popular ideas are found. Of course there a tons of other ways to decorate a room, and I might do a second post on some of the other ideas I find. Or I might do one on how I decorate my dorm, since I am going to be a freshman this year, and this is my first experience with decorating a dorm. So look out for future posts like that in the future and I hope you enjoy these decorating ideas.
  • Photo Wall: I’m sure we all have tons of photos on our phones, with tons of memories of our friends and families and good times. But since they’re just sitting on our phone, we never look at them. The solution, print a ton off and put them on your wall. You can go about this a ton of different ways. You can arrange the photos on your wall in shapes, words, or just by sticking them to your wall. When you put them on the wall, be sure to attach them in a way that won’t damage the wall, especially since colleges tend to fine for room damage. I recommend using taping. Maybe if you don’t want to do each one to the wall individually, find a frame, piece of cardboard, a corkboard, or giant piece of paper, attach all the photos to that, and put that on your wall. This would make it a lot easier to take down at the end of the year, and you can easily put it back up next year.
  • Quote Wall: A spin on the photo wall would be to make a quote wall. Instead of using photos of you and your friends, use photos of inspiring quotes, movie quotes, quotes you like, or even song lyrics. You can find pictures of these on sites like tumblr, or weheartit. If you can’t find one you really want, you can always create your own on an app on your phone. All you need is a background picture and whatever text you would like. To put these on your wall, just do the same as you would for the photo wall.
  • Fairy Lights: Or Christmas lights, whatever you call them (I like fairy lights because that sounds more magical.) You can hang these up around your room. They can go on your wall, around your desk, above your bed. You can also put some above your bed, on the ceiling, and put a sheet or curtain over them to make a cool glowing effect. Another idea, if you can find some small battery operated ones, would be to put them in a jar and create a fairy jar. Or if you can't find any Christmas lights, you can use the decorative ones that come in star shapes, or paper balls, whatever you prefer. 
  • Wall Flowers: If you want to add more to your walls, you can put some paper flowers on them. Just use a stencil from the internet, and cut out some flowers. Then you can fold the flower and tape one side of the flower to the wall. This will create a 3D effect and having the flowers sticking out from the wall. You can also do this in different shapes, like butterflies, paper cranes, hearts. And you can customize it to fit the color scheme in your room, and make the flowers in specific colors.
  • Plants: A way to add some life to your room are plants. You make think it might be a little hard to take care of soemthing, when you can barely take care of yourself, but there are many plants that are low maintence. As long as you have a desk or table by a window, you can most likely get a plant. There are succulents and air plants, which require little watering, and add some liveliness to a room. You can also decorate the pot or container they are in to add more decoration to your space.
  • Tapestry: I have seen a lot of people doing this, so I'm guessing its a pretty popular thing. That is to hang a tapestry on your wall. Most people do it by their bed, and it adds some design and color to the room. It is a pretty easy decorating technique because all you are doing is hanging up a piece of decorate fabric. If you don't want to put a lot of effort into decorating your walls, or if you have a wall that is just plain that you don't know what to do with, then I would suggest going this route. 
  • Pops of Color: I don't know if any of you have a color scheme for your room, or if you care about the color scheme, but I suggest using color. It will make your room a lot more lively. If you want to keep your room on the more neutral side, then just use pops of color, whether thats a few colorful pillows, or some colorful desk supplies. Or  if you are already going for a color scheme, add a few pops of metallic. Like a few gold pieces on your desk, or maybe silver or copper, whichever goes best with your room. This gives it more variety, and makes your room more interesting.

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