Get The Look: Boyfriend Jeans

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Boyfriend Jean Inspirations

Personally, I love boyfriend jeans. I think they are a great change from the classic skinny jeans and a great way to change up your style. If you don't know what boyfriend jeans are they are essentially just baggy jeans, that, most of the time, are distressed or have holes in them. Now you don't have to have a boyfriend and steal his jeans to get boyfriend jeans. A lot of popular stores sell them. One of the biggest problems with boyfriend jeans though is how to style them. So I have included 3 looks to help with you guys with how to style them.

Girly in Jeans

This first look is more on the girly side. I revolved this look around the black floral top, and added girly-er pieces onto that. I think the wedges and bow as well as the peach and coral colored make up make the look even more girly and make it more feminine.

Stealing the Boyfriends Clothes

This look is more on the grungier side. I personally love looks like this, so that maybe why you notice a lot of looks like this. I would pair the jeans with just a black print tank, wrap a flannel around my waist (also a boyfriend flannel, because mens flannels are much better than the ones for girls) and add some boots and eyeliner. It's a very simple look just for hanging around.

A Little Red in a World of Black

This last look is a bit edgier. I like the idea of heels and boyfriend jeans, so I decided to go that route, but I also didn't want to make this look totally girly. So I thought I would go all black, and put in some edgy pieces, like the top, the metal on the bag, and the killer heels. Also throw on some wicked eyeliner and a pop of red on the lips for some color and the look is totally kick ass.

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