NEW SERIES: Modern Disney: Rapunzel

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I have decided to start a new series of looks/posts on this blog. I find it pretty easy to find inspiration when you set yourself categories or a theme to go by. (So expect to see a lot more of series types of things.) For this new series, I have decided to revive Disney and put a more modern/trendy/wearable look to the Disney princesses that we all love.

Modern Disney: Rapunzel

To start this series, I have chosen a look based off of Rapunzel from Tangled. This is probably one of my favorite movies and I really like this look so I was really excited to do it.
The inspiration for this look was Rapunzel but also a spring/summer vibe that's girly but also channels that summer festival vibe.
To "modernize" Rapunzel's look I went for a flowy pastel purple dress and white vans. I feel like this is a very casual look, and could work for different events like dates, hanging with friends, family time, maybe school (depending on dress codes). For accessories, I chose gold colors and browns, because the gold sun is a pretty big part of the movie ( which is why there are gold sun earring ) and brown tends to go more nicely with the gold and white than black. Plus the brown gives this more of that festival feel. For makeup, I would keep it simple with a gold neutral look (again with the gold) and create a gold eye with big, natural lashes to create those big doey eyes like Rapunzel, and a simple peach lip. And on the nails I would put some gold nail polish. Rapunzel's hair is one of my favorite things. So I would choose to fishtail braid the hair to the side, maybe leave a few strands out to create wispy, boho look, and top with a flower crown, and put some flowers throughout your hair. (because everyone loves flower crowns, and Rapunzel's hair with all those flowers.)

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