Wear the Red Carpet: Rachel Platten TCAs 2015

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I have decided to start yet another series. (sorry I have so many) This one is about red carpet looks. I was inspired by the Teen Choice Awards from this weekend. We all know that red carpet looks can be a little crazy and super glammed up, and no regular person is ever going to wear something like that. So I decided to take the red carpet looks and turn them into more casual, everyday looks people like us can wear.
Wear the Red Carpet: Rachel Platten TCAs 2015

I decided to go with Rachel Platten's look because I really like her dress and the one I featured in the look. The dress is very summer and springy, so it's a great thing to whip out right now before summer is officially over. I also paired the dress with gold and nude accessories, because what she had on was very light and minimal. This also puts more attention on the dress, instead of having a lot of attention on accessories. For makeup, I kept it neutral with a gold smokey eye and winged eyeliner and a nude lip. The hair was one of my favorite parts of this. (I feel like I say that for every look) I really like colorful hair, so I feel like the colored hair in this set, really compliments the dress. But if you're not into dying your hair, or your hair isn't that color today, then I think the braid bun look, would look fantastic, with or without pink hair.

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