Featured Bloggers: November

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Each month I like to introduce new and fellow bloggers. I pick 10 to feature each month. Below is a list of fashion, beauty, and other bloggers that I recommend you go check out!

"Created in 2013 Off 4th & Graham has become the #1 destination for young women who crave fashion and creativity all in the same place. Started by Kimberly Love Off 4th and Graham provides a safe haven for fashionable youth that provides life advice as well as bringing them up to date with all the latest trends in fashion, music, and art."

"My name is Mikaila, and I’m a 14-year-old teenager who loves blogging, fashion and writing.
My blog is where I express my personal opinions about fashion, life and current trends. I try to post every Monday & Friday..."

"Fashionz and Trendz is an independent blog bringing you latest vibes from Fashion and Cinema Industry. Be it your hair, lifestyle, beauty or whatever, we have something for you. A team os specialists always takes care of right information being posted and brings you the latest trends. So subscribe us today and we will keep bringing you fresh fashion sense and gossip from your surroundings. Get fashions and trends news daily. You can also track us on facebook and leave a note if you need to contact us."

" I started Lavishingg as a way to inspire, be inspired, and connect with others who have the same passions as I do. On Lavishingg we celebrate style, beauty, travel, and this amazing journey of life we are all going through. "

"A sartorial satire on my personal style in the context of living outside the norm, minimalism, and humans aspiring to a default ethical nature despite ourselves. If you're looking to build a  capsule minimalist wardrobe, travel wish list, or lifestyle business, then welcome!"

"Since I enjoy dressing up so much I decided to blog about it. This place is for me to share my thoughts, ideas and snippets of my life with others who share the same love as I do. Thank you so much for peeking into my closet, and if you get the chance, leave me a note -- I'd love to hear from you!"

"theFashiondiet is the diet of fashion, a standard of living, he loves and sees the phenomenon of society and costumes called "fashion" in every facet."

"Southern California based life & style blog, written by twenty-six year old journalism student and aspiring travel writer, Emily Chavous. You can assume I've got a dirty chai in hand. With a penchant for pretty things that are a little rough around the edge, for the misfits and lesser known brands, you'll find outfit posts, alongside occasional DIY projectsrecipes, and more. Choose the "Browse by..." tab at the top of the page to sort through posts."

" I have an idea on my mind. I want to bring together all the Not for ordinary people out there! If you feel like you aren't ordinary, get in contact...This is the place for you. "

"Alia Eltawil: Youngster, right brained, fashion fanatic, model in training and fashion designer to be. Some people may say I live in another planet but I think I just make the world my own. I tend to over think but that’s just part of who I am. I don’t seek perfection but I can’t help but making things my version of perfect. To me fashion is more than clothing, fashion is a lifestyle."

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