Mall Haul

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Over the weekend, I did a little shopping. This isn't really a mall haul because I really only got things at JC Penny's. I got one thing from Victoria's Secret but the rest is from JC Penny's. 

I'm just going to start with the thing from VS because that's the easiest. It's basically just a gift set for myself of their Pure Seduction fragrance. It includes a body mist, lotion, and body wash which are about half the size of the regular bottles. I thought this was a pretty good deal and a good way for me to get the complete set for this scent because I really like it.

Next at Penny's I'm going to start with bottoms. I got a basic pair of denim shorts from Arizona. Their just basic rolled and cuffed jean shorts. I just need a lot more shorts for the summer and decided to pick up a pair. Next I got two crop tops. One is just a plain white one and the other is a light pink that says "wild flowers". I also got two muscle tanks which, I'm gonna be honest here, are from the guys section. One is for MTV and the other is for Mountain Dew. I just like how the guys tanks look plus they were on sale. Finally I got two dresses. One is a black and white formal body con dress with jeweling under the bust. This was on clearance and I thought it was a steal, so I picked it up for homecoming next year. The last dress I got is probably my favorite thing. It's a drop waist dress with the prettiest flower print ever! Its so cute and I can't wait to wear it.

I would just like to say that I very thankful for everything I bought and have. I'm in no way bragging about my purchases. I just thought I would share it with everyone because I thought people might be curious or want to know what I buy or what kind of clothes I wear. That being said I hope you guys enjoyed this haul!

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