What I'm Going To Do

2:35 PM Nicki 2 Comments

As many of you know I'm going on vacation this week. I'll be gone for exactly two weeks. During that time I don't think I'll be able to blog or have time to blog. Either way I'm trying to queue up some posts while I'm gone. It's really hard getting this many posts ready before I leave. I'm pretty much spending every second trying to write a new post. I am going to be on the road a lot so, hopefully, I'll be able to write a few posts then.
I am going to be posting pictures and videos while I'm on my trip. Once I get back I'll make a collective video of all of the videos and pictures. It will be be up on YouTube and I will post it on this blog. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube so you can see my videos and pictures as I post them.

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