What Should I Do?

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This isn't a regular post. This is more of a personal rant. Sorry, if you're not interested, but I feel like I just have to get this off my chest. I'm sorry if this post is really crazy and jumbled up. I'm really just babbling. I'm also sorry if I'm saying the same things over and over.
I just got finished watching Radio Rebel. It's a Disney movie. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Disney. But that's not the point. It got me thinking, I could do a lot more. It was such an inspiring movie. It showed me that 1 voice CAN make a difference. All you have to do is be yourself. That's what the whole movie was about, just being yourself. Well, at least that's my interpretation.
Who would have thought one of the shyest girls could end up being one of the most popular radio DJs? Now THAT is inspiring. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm just going crazy. I don't what it is. I guess it's because I saw myself in that shy girl. I'm that quiet girl in class who almost never raises her hand, who doesn't talk to anyone besides her friends, who doesn't stand up for her self. I guess that's kind of why I started this blog, to give me a place to talk.
I have all these ideas and plans and I never make them happen. I want to be like Radio Rebel. I want to start a podcast and a YouTube channel. Maybe I will. This week. Tomorrow even. When I come home, I'm just going to say what I feel. Maybe one day I'll be as big as Radio Rebel. I really want to do this. I guess I'm just afraid. Of what, I don't know. Probably of everyone that's going to judge me. But out of all the haters, there's always fans, right?
I wonder what it would be like. To be one of those popular YouTubers or bloggers or podcasters. That's what I want to do. I feel like I've used maybe too much in this post. And you know what? Screw the maybes. I'm tired of all the maybes and the wanting and the dreaming. From now on it's all yes. Just like Zoella's video. I'm going to do everything I said I'm going to do. In fact I'm going to make a list. Right here. Every time I do something, I'll cross it off. I am going to be a podcaster and a YouTuber and a blogger. Screw what other people say. This is me. And this is what I like to do. If you don't like it than oh well that's your problem. I'm going to take some Disney advice and just be myself.

  • Create a Podcast
  • Create a YouTube Video
  • Get 20 Blog Followers
  • Get 20 YouTube Subscribers
  • Get 20 Podcast Subscribers
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