Book Nook: Night by Elie Wiesel

3:01 PM Nicki 0 Comments

I have recently read this book for my English class. It's a very quick book. I think it's less than 100 pages. You could easily read it in a day. Normally I don't enjoy reading books assigned in class, but I liked this one. I also don't normally like nonfiction. It's not exactly a happy book, but it's still interesting and I recommend it.

This book Elie's memoir. Elie is a Holocaust survivor. He's wrote this book about his time during the Holocaust. You are taken on a captivating journey as you go through what Elie went through as a Jew during the holocaust. You travel with him from his hometown to various concentration camps. This book shows you how much pain and loss these people went through. It's not a very happy, uplifting book, but it's definitely a great quick book that everyone must read.

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