New Apps: 6/15/13

7:46 AM Nicki 0 Comments

Today I have 4 apps. 2 of them are re-downloads.

  1. Keek; This is one of my re-downloads. The app is really good, I just don't find myself using it. I never post any videos. Maybe I will now since it's summer and I'll be going on vacation but so far I'm not using. However, I do recommend it for people who are also taking pictures and videos with their phones.
  2. Bird Zapper; This was the app of the week, last week. The game is kind of weird. You have a choice of ways you can play. Single player or multiplayer, battle or race, and 3,4, or 5 rows. Like every other game the object is to win/beat your opponent. What you want to do is create groups of 3 or more birds and slice through it with your finger. The hard part is the rows keep moving and at different speeds. It's actually quite entertaining.
  3. Pocket; I first came across this app when I downloaded to for my mac. It comes in handy. I always end up bookmarking things when I don't have time to read them. Now I can just mark them with this app and come back to the later. It also works in conjunction with other apps, like Twitter. And you can email links to your account. I will be using this forever.
  4. Tapped Out; If you couldn't tell from the picture, this is a Simpson's game. It's kind of like all those other games where you build your own city. Basically, you have to rebuild the Simpson's world. This is the other one of my re-downloads. I found the first time I didn't really play it much, but now I play it all the time, especially since I'm out of school and have nothing better to do.

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