College Visits: University of Southern California

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Recently I took a trip to the University of Southern California. I am going to be a senior in high school this up coming school year and I am considering this school as one of my choices.
The campus is beyond beautiful. It is filled with elegant buildings that makes you feel like this could be a Harry Potter movie. It is filled with trees and patches of grass where friends can hangout or cram for a test. The campus, while it is a big school, is close together so it doesn't take too long getting from one class to another. On campus, there is a wide variety of food selections, interesting sporting and art events that are always happening, over 700 clubs, and a 24/7 library and Starbucks. Off campus, there is LA Live (featuring the Staples Center, shopping, food, and dozens of other activities) which is accessible via the Metro, which stops right at the campus. The campus is also located a few minutes out of downtown LA and about 30 minutes driving from the beach, giving a full selection of activities outside the classroom.
The classes are even more amazing. They have some of the top schools, with a multitude of majors and minors to choose from, with the ability to mix and match with the different schools within the university. The class size is an average 24 students with a faculty ratio of 9:1, so even though there are so many people you won't get lost in the crowd. USC has one of the highest international student percentages and there are people from all over country, providing diversity and an opening to uniques experiences. Financial need is merit and need based, with many of the students getting financial aid since the total cost is about $60,000 a year.
I loved this school. I even bought 2 notebooks (which are featured in these pictures) with the school on them because I loved it so much. Everything from the people, to the sports, to the classes, to LA and the weather. I am concerned that the price tag may be a little steep, but I am hoping to still apply with the opportunity of getting financial aid.

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