New Blogging Challenges!!!

9:43 AM Nicki 0 Comments

So I have officially started to do blogging challenges. I thought this would be a good way for me to post everyday. I will be doing a Photo-a Day Challenge, which I found here, and a Prompt-a-Day from here. (Both of these are featured on my April Pinterest Board, which includes all of activities/projects I will do this month)
For the Photo Challenge, I will be posting the photos on Instagram. At the end of the week, I will create a post for the photos of that week, and post it on this blog. So if you want to be the first to see the photos, make sure to follow me on Instagram!
The Prompt Challenge is going to work a little differently. I will only use the prompts, when I don't have another post scheduled for the day. And instead of doing the posts scheduled for that day (like today is April 1) I will be starting from the beginning (with January 1) and making my way down the list.
Soooo... Make sure to look out for my photo on Instagram today, and maybe for a prompt in the next couple of days.

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