Christmas Traditions

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I love Christmastime! (Who doesn't?) And I really want to start some new Christmas traditions. I don't really have any with my family right now, but I'm hoping once I move out I'll be able to make some new traditions. I've compiled a list of Christmas traditions that would be perfect for every family to do together.


  1. Pick out a tree: Preferably a real tree. I've never had a real tree before but this seems like the perfect thing to do to get in the Christmas spirit.

  2. Decorate the house and tree: Even if you live in an apartment, you can still decorate. Sting some lights up and put a santa over there. Its not much, but work with what you have. (And if you want some decorating ideas see #4 under presents or #3 and #4 under decorating)

  3. String lights throughout the house: I keep my lights strung throughout my room up year round. But for Christmas, you could string them through the living room to make it cozy.

  4. Make DIY Decorations: Check out Pinterest for amazing ideas.


  1. Wrap 24 books, CDs and DVDs: Put them under the tree and every night from December 1-24 unwrap one. Go to the thrift shop or dollar store and see if you can find some cheap picture books or maybe some Christmas DVDs. These don't have to be expensive, as there will probably be more gifts that you give each other.

  2. Make 1 DIY gift: DIY gifts are one way to show that you care and put some time into your gift. I've created a DIY gift guide if you would like some ideas.

  3. Open 1 present Christmas Eve: I think it would be cute to unwrap the DIY gift you make each one another, or if you are doing the book idea, you could give the book or CD or DVD that they have been dying to get.

  4. Buy each other ornaments: This one is really perfect for those couples spending their first Christmas together. Each year, buy each other one ornament to unwrap Christmas eve. Then put the ornaments on the tree together. Every year, you'll be able to look back and see all the ornaments you bought each other as you put them on the tree.


  1. Make gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies: Or maybe a gingerbread house from scratch if you're feeling up to the challenge.

  2. Light Christmas candles: Check out the Bath and Body Works candles. They are AMAZING.

  3. Watch Christmas movies together: This would be especially cute on Christmas Eve with hot chocolate and cookies.

  4. Take a picture on Santa's lap: Once again this is perfect for new couples, or families with kids. You could use the picture as Christmas cards or make them into ornaments.

  5. Go iceskating: This is one of my favorite things to do.

  6. Have a snowball fight or build a snowman: (or BOTH!) You could only do these if you lived in snow, but I think it's perfect for winter and Christmas.

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