New Apps: 8/3/13

8:38 AM Nicki 0 Comments

  • TV Guide; I had this app a while ago, but found I never really watched TV so I deleted it. Now that it's summer, I'm watching TV all the time. I really like this app because I can track my favorite shows on the watchlist so I know when they're going to be on. It also shows you all the new shows that will be on that night, as well as a normal TV guide. 
  • Splyce; I don't get this app at all. All it does is play your music. I don't even know what it's supposed to do. I think it's a useless app and it's not even worth you time.
  • Tabs; This one is for all you guitar players out there. I totally suck at guitar, but I keep trying anyway. This app provides you with tabs and chords of your favorite songs. And if you don't know how to play a chord in the song, they show you. Of course, you don't have to get the app to use their services. Their website is here. But I would definitely check out the app if you're into playing guitar.
  • Grid; This app is basically what the name is. It's a giant grid, that you get to build. It sounds like it could be a game, but it's not. You create different boxes and add information to them. One can be a picture, another a location, and the next one a text. All these boxes are connected to create a grid. Pretty simple. It's a great way to store information.
  • StudyBlue; I haven't officially used this app yet, but I did peek inside. This creates online flashcards, notes, study guides and quizzes, all to help you study. Now everything you need to pass the test will be in one place. I think it's an amazing app, and I'm looking forward to using it this school year.

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