My Favorite Apps: part 1

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These are all of the games I have on my iPhone so I thought I would tell you my favorites. If I don't mention a game, it's because it's not one of my favorites. That doesn't mean I don't play it or I don't like it. I'm only mentioning the games I'm in love with and obsessed with.
  • Temple Run 2; I think this is way better than regular Temple Run. The graphics are better and the game in general is just better.
  • PvZ; This was a free game a while back and I am so glad I bought it because I'm addicted. I literally would not put it down for hours.
  • Temple Run Oz; So I know I just raved about Temple Run 2, but I play this one so much more. I love how you can switch worlds. Plus, I'm obsessed with Oz. If I had to pick I would definitely choose this one.
  • Tetris Blitz; When I downloaded this game, I wasn't sure I was going to like it because I don't really like original Tetris. But can I just say this thing is AMAZING. Whenever I am waiting, this is always the game I go for.
  • Tapped Out; Normally I never have time for these games where you build your own world. I guess since schools out I get to play it more. I'm actually surprised I play this so much.
  • Fruit Ninja; This game is super addicting. It's like once you die, you have to come back and try again. Plus it's a really great amazing awesome wonderful game.

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