Summer Workout: June

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It is that time of year. Everyone is out of school, we're all going to the beach and the pool, and we want to look good. We also want to be fit and healthy. I have come up with this workout routine. I call it the "Summer Workout."Each month there will be a new workout calendar. Each week the workout routine increases. This routine is a combination of running and toning. I got all the ideas for the toning workouts from Mere on YouTube. I decided to make the routines increase each week, to push myself. However, if you find yourself struggling to complete a workout, do a much as you can without pushing yourself over your limit. 

To explain the workouts, I will start with the running. By the end of June, I have set my goal to be 2.75 miles, which is almost 5k. I want my pace to be around 8-10 minutes a mile. Each running day I increase by a quarter of a mile. For the toning portions of this workout, I will start off with stretches to improve flexibility. One day, I will do squats, plank, bicycles, double leg lifts, and jump lunges. The next day I will do wall sits, push ups, calf raises, mountain climbers, and single leg lifts. For the last day I do whatever workout I like the most or whatever I feel I need to work on. For more explanation on what these workouts are, you can watch Mere's video, or leave a comment below. I have left Saturday and Sunday open for rest days. However, feel free to switch the days up and change this plan according to your likings

By the end of the summer my goal is to complete this 12 week workout plan. I hoping to be able to run almost 7 miles at a 10 minute pace. Hopefully when school starts again I will be able to continue working out. 

I hope you enjoyed this new fitness routine. If you would like to download this routine click the link below and save the picture to your computer

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