OOTD: 5/22/13-5/24/13

4:19 PM Nicki 2 Comments

This OOTD I'll be sharing my outfits for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  1. My outfit from yesterday was kinda more on the "country chic" side. I wore a denim vest from Wet Seal, borrowed from my sisters closet. Its well fitted and the edges are frayed. My boots are from Kmart. They are just plain brown booties. My dress is from a local store. Its a very cute red coral color. Plus there's tribal print all over the dress. You can barely see it unless you're close, but it still adds cute detail.
  2. Today I was very basic. I wore a kinda baggy black t-shirt from Forever 21. My jeans are very skinny jeggings from PacSun. These just happen to be my favorite jeans, I have like 5. My scarf is from Target. It's a mint color infinity scarf. My hair bow is a DIY. It was inspired by MacBarbie07 and you can see her tutorial here. My sandals are from Aeropostal. You guys always here me talk about them so I'm gonna save you guys from hearing about them this time.
  3. My outfit tomorrow is very laid back. I'm only going to school for half the day, so I figured I might as well be comfortable. My yoga pants are from Kohls. And I am OBSESSED with these things. They're so comfortable and flattering, and these ones have stars at the top, which makes them look super cute. I'm also going to be wearing my Adidas flip flops, and I forgot where I got them from. But they have some kind of foam padding, which makes them super comfy.  Finally, for my shirt I'm wearing my Red Cross T-shirt. I got this by donating blood yesterday. And let me just say I HATE NEEDLES!

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