4 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

4:32 PM Nicki 2 Comments

We all know coconut oil has many benefits. But how do use it? Well I have the answers to your question.

  1. Hair Masks. One of the most popular ways to use coconut oil is by putting it in your hair. It adds shine as well as moisturizes. It also is said to help your hair grow longer. If you are looking for a great hair mask recipe check out Pinterest. These are some of my favorites: one here, another here, next one here, and the last one is here. If you do decided to do a coconut mask be warned, water will not get the oil out. I have to shampoo at least 2 times before all of it is out.
  2. Body Scrubs. I have just recently tried body scrubs and let me tell you they are amazing. They can also be very expensive to buy if you use them every week. So to save money just make your own. Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer. So not only are you exfoliating your body but you're also moisturizing it, when you use coconut oil. Again, you can find these on Pinterest but here are some: here, here, and I made my own DIY scrub HERE.
  3. Lotion/Body Butter. As I have mentioned, coconut oil is extremely moisturizing. So want not moisturize your skin? You can apply regular coconut oil to your skin, or you can create your very own body butters and lotion. One of my favorite YouTubers, Lisa Pullano, has great DIY recipes. Click here or here to see two of them. If she uses any other oil, you can always substitute it for coconut oil.
  4. Make Up Remover. It's time to stop using those harsh chemicals on your face. Instead try to go all natural. Use coconut oil to remove all your makeup, even waterproof mascara! All you have to do is put some coconut oil on your face and rub it all over, like you would do with makeup remover. I like to start with my eyes, and get all my eye makeup off, then spread it around to get my foundation off.

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