Summer Workout: How to Customize Your Workout + Update

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There are a million workout routines out there. We all know that. But not all of them are suited to our body types or lifestyles. Today I will be showing you how to take a brilliant workout routine and make it your own. Can't find a workout routine you like? Well I'll help you create your own. These tips and tricks are what works for me and what I do, hopefully they help you too.
To make a workout, first you need to start off with a workout that you seem like you would like. I'll be using this one I found on Pinterest as an example. To start off find what you like about the workout. If it's the length, the type of exercises it has, the target zone, etc. That is what you are going to keep in the workout. For my example, I like that it targets my legs, and I like some of the exercises it has. I don't like how you have to do 100 jumping jacks so I'm going to change it to a number more suitable to me, like 50. I also don't want to do some of the exercises twice, like the wall sits and squats, so I'm going to toe touches and reverse lunges instead. Basically all you have to do is keep what you like and get rid of what you don't.
Now to create your own workout. This requires more effort. First, figure out what your target zone is. I'm going to say mine is full body. Next, find exercise that work those areas. I'm going to pick 5: wall sits, push ups, squats, crunches, and planks. Finally, pick how long or the amount of each exercise you want to do. I'll do 30 second wall sits and planks, 20 squats and crunches, and 10 push ups.
Using both of these tricks, I created my summer workout plan. You can see it here.
This fitness update is going to really quick, mainly because not that much has changed. The only thing I have changed is that I'm doing yoga now. I'm trying to do it every week day. Next week I'll be doing my updated fitness routine so I'll talk more about it then.
If you have any ideas for the next summer workout, please leave a comment below or use the contact form on the side of this blog.

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