Summer Lovin': Another Week Gone By

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Another week has gone by. To me, it feels wasted. I haven't really done much. I went to the fair yesterday. That's really been the highlight of my week. It was actually pretty fun. I went with my sister and we were going on all the rides. The only downside being there were a lot of spinning rides and she didn't feel that great afterwards. It was also pretty hot out and really sunny. Which ended up with me getting a sunburn because I don't know how to put sunscreen on myself very well.
On the plus side, I have managed to spend the last few days watching a bunch of TV shows. I spent a full day watching an entire last season of H2O: Just Add Water. And today I'm finishing catching up on Teen Wolf. I've also watched Star Wars Episode 4 and 5. As you can see, I have an obsession. And it's not healthy. I will spend the rest of the summer sitting in front of my laptop watching every single episode of every show that I have missed. In case you have not noticed, I believe it is pretty obvious that I have no life.
Actually, I have a little bit of a life because I'm going to a bonfire next week. I've never been to one before. A lot of my friends find that kind of surprising since we live pretty close to the beach. I guess I've just never really been invited to one or been allowed to go. But I'm really excited to go to this one. I get to see my friend who I haven't seen in a while, so I hope I have a good time.
And finally I have saved the best for last. Now this is probably one of my favorite things I'm going to tell you today. I got tickets to go see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis! I am so excited. I am in love with the two of them. They are just unbelievable. I'm going with my friend so I know we're going to have a good time. I cannot wait! Unfortunately, the concert is at the end of the year so I'll be doing quite a bit of waiting, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

P.S. I did my first guest post this week. Check it out here.

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