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If you are like me, than you keep EVERYTHING! I want to remember every little memory. This also means I have a lot crap lying around. I thought, what better way to lessen all this crap than make a junk journal. The inspiration pin is here. Now you maybe asking, what is a junk journal? Well I'm about to tell you. It is a journal full of junk. To be more specific, a journal full of your pictures, stickers, brochures, memories, and whatever else you want to stick in your journal.

So what you are going to need is:

  • notebook or an old book, preferably with a hard cover
  • scissors
  • construction paper, card stock, or scrapbook paper
  • photos, brochures, magazine clippings, cards, stickers, etc. (basically anything you can find to fit in your journal)
  • glue, I recommend hot glue so it will stick better
To start off you want to decorate the front of your journal. Of course this part is optional. If you love the original cover there is no need for you to decorate it. I cut out some magazine letters and spelled Junk Journal with them. So now it looks like the Burn Book from Mean Girls.
Next, it's time to add your junk. I used a book, so if you want to cover the words with paper that's ok, but I chose not to because I like the words. Then I glued whatever I wanted to the pages. I didn't really do it in order because I wanted it to be really random and fun. However, if you did want to put it in order you could create little tabs for each section.
My pages consisted of pictures of my family, my friends, and me. I put some brochures and flyers from things we did together. There are also some of my favorite birthday cards in there. I also included doodles and sketches I have done, along with song lyrics I have written or ones that I really like. I decorated the pages with stickers, colorful card stock, glitter, etc. I haven't filled up the whole book yet, but I will in the near future. 
Alternative Options: You could also use this idea and give it to a friend or family member as a gift, and fill it with memories you have shared. This would also be a good senior year idea, so you would collect items from your senior year of high school. Great as a travel journal, you can take it with you and glue things in as you go, or if you prefer, you can wait until  you get home. 

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