OOTD: Fair Day & Pool Day

6:49 PM Nicki 4 Comments

So in this picture I am wearing my Hot Chelle Rae t-shirt. It is a black t-shirt with their faces on it, as you can see, and on the back it has a list of the cities they went to on their Whatever Tour. I got it from one of their concerts last year. (They were AMAZING!) My shorts are DIY high waisted shorts. I bought some "mom jeans" from Goodwill and cut them into shorts. They are a light wash and are frayed on the bottom. This is my "fair day" outfit. I had an amazing time and I loved this outfit.

Today was my "pool day". I went to my friend's pool and this is what I wore. For bottoms, I wore some basic shorts. I got this pair from PacSun. They are a medium wash and are frayed on the bottom. They have gotten a little short on me, but they make for great beach/pool shorts. For my shirt, I just wore a muscle tank top. It's from Lake Tahoe, and says Lake Tahoe. It's almost a denim colored shirt. I actually think it's a guys shirt but I really like it. My bikini is just a plain red color. I got it from Walmart for about $6 I think, so it's a pretty good buy.

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