New Apps: 6/8/13

7:13 AM Nicki 0 Comments

I don't have that many new apps this week. In fact I only have three. I just couldn't find that many apps that I wanted to download.

  • Snoopy Coaster; This was last weeks featured app. Now I am a sucker for Snoopy and all of his friends so I had to download it. I wasn't sure I was going to like the game at first, but now I kind of do. It's not my favorite game but it's still fun. You get to take Snoopy and his friends on a roller coaster. On your way, you collect power ups and coins and try to hit balloons and kites. You have to jump from one track to the other, so try not to fall off.
  • SongKick; Songkick is a great concert app. It scans the music on your phone and tracks the artists so you know when they have a concert. I think it's great, especially since I want to go to more concerts with my friends.
  • EverPlaces; So this is going to be my first bad review. I actually was unable to try this app. Every time I tried to open it, the app would just close. So unfortunately I guess this is my review.

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