New Apps: 6/29/13

8:30 AM Nicki 0 Comments

  • Lockerz; I've had this app before. In fact I might have had it before I had Pinterest. This is a lot like Pinterest. You like things you like and put them into different groups. So it basically is Pinterest. The only exception being, you can get points and then go to their store and get discounts with your points. So if you like Pinterest, I would recommend this app.
  • Cloth; This is sort of like your own personal look book. You get to put together outfits, take pictures of them, and then leave them for reference. You also get to sort them into what you would wear them for, like vacation or work. I think this would come in handy when school starts, so I could just pick an outfit and go. 
  • Dujour; Another fashion app. This app is one where you share your outfits. You take pictures of your outfit and there are different frames so you can create a collage of all the different parts of your outfit. I haven't decided if I like this yet, but chances are I will end up deleting it.

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