New Apps: 6/1/13

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  • FxCamera; I wasn't too impressed with this app. It's a photo editing app. They have pretty basic filters. I already have similar ones on other apps. The one original thing this app does is voice pictures. I really have no use for those, nor do I want them. So I'm probably going to delete this app.
  • Camera Bag; Another photo editing app. Once again I'm not that impressed. This one does have a few different filters that I don't already have, so I will probably keep it. Unlike the other app, the only thing this app has is filters.
  • Viddy; I have finally found a video sharing app! As I mentioned last week, I was looking for a video sharing app for my road trip. (More information to come!) I really like this one because it has different filters and you can add music. I haven't posted again yet, but I will share it once I do. I think this might be better than Keek, but I 'll probably download Keek again and just upload my videos from viddy.
  • Capture; This is YouTube's video sharing app. It makes it easier to upload videos to YouTube. I will probably be using this on my trip too. I've also used it already, so check out my videos on my account: TakeMeToSomeday.
  • 30/30; This app is amazing for time management. It's like a timer that you can customize. You get to create personal lists of activities and select how long you want to do each activity. The great thing is that it keeps repeating the lists until you stop it, so you don't have to keep reseting it. I use it for studying and running. (20 minutes of studying + 5 minute break and 10 minutes of running + 1 minute break) 
  • Nook; I've had this app before, but I've never downloaded any books before. Now that it's summer I thought I would read more, so I've downloaded this app. It's a great, basic reading app. The only thing I don't like about it is I can't reach the Nook store from the app.
  • Bookstore; I downloaded this app for the same reason as the Nook app. I was a little disappointed that I have to leave the app to download eBooks, which is the main reason I downloaded this app. I will most likely delete this app.
Sorry this post was mostly apps I didn't like. There aren't that many new apps that I like.  If you have any new apps you think I should try feel free to leave them in the comments.

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