Book Nook: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

6:26 PM Nicki 2 Comments

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The reason I started reading this book is because I wanted to see the movie but I never went to go see it.  I have now finished the book and saw the movie. Which do I like better? The movie. I never realized how different some movies are from the books until I watched this movie. For the most part the story follows the same story. But there are a few major differences in the movie. That may be why I like the movie more, though.
This book is about Pat, a man who is just getting released from a neural health facility. He is struggling to remember events of his past and all he can think about is ending apart time with his wife Nikki. This book takes you on Pat's journey as he tries to get Nikki back and his awkward friendship he develops with a girl named Tiffany. That doesn't really sum up the whole book but those are two of the main parts. The book, although a little weird to me, is very well written.

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