Aloha Everyone

3:32 PM Nicki 2 Comments

Today I'm not going to be doing a very big post. Just a little personal post kind of thing. So to start off I'm going to show you guys my new artwork, which this post is kind of centered around. It's just a really quick drawing thing for the wall in my room. I have a corner of my room just dedicated to my art and my posters so I thought I would make this to add to it. It's not very good but I still like it.
I made this by taking mixed media art paper and using watercolor pencils. Watercolor pencils are like colored pencils but once you color your art, you take a wet paintbrush and wash over the pencil. It gives it a watercolor effect.
So if you couldn't tell from the picture, my drawing say "Aloha." I am completely in love with Hawaii and their language and cultures. I haven't been there yet but one day I will. I live in California. I love the beach, the weather, the sun,  and pretty much every stereotypical thing about California. Hawaii is perfect for me. And one day I will be there.
So yeah. That's my little rant for today. Hope you enjoyed my picture.

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