Just a little update

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Now for the update. I have kinda gotten this blogging thing down and I just want to let you guys know whats coming up and about my "Blogging Schedule"
The new things I have planned are more make up tutorials. I know I said I would be doing them and I haven't been. I'm sorry, I'm just swarmed with school and tests, and pretty much everything else. But summer just around the corner, you can expect a lot more. Next up is a completely new thing which no one has probably heard of, "Summer Lovin'." Now you are probably asking "What is Summer Lovin'?" Simple. It's my summer blog/vlog. It's going to be a combo of the two, and I believe it's going to be once a week, so keep an eye out. I'll also be doing a music discovery post where I talk about new music I've found, and it will always feature some music from PureVolume. Finally, something I've already started posting, OOTD/OOTW, or Outfit Of The Day/Outfit Of The Week. Basically, I'm just going to be posting certain outfits I wear and this will probably be a once or twice a week.
Now onto the "Blogging Schedule". Every day I'll be posting outfits made on Polyvore. The first of every month I'll be posting my favorites for the month. And on the last of every month I'll be posting my music discoveries. On Sundays, I'll be doing #PinterestSunday , which is making DIYs and other things I've found on Pinterest. On Mondays, I'll be posting about my fitness routine, either it's an update or what I'm doing as my routine that month. Tuesdays, I'll be posting various beauty topics, like a makeup tutorial or hair tips. Wednesdays, I'll post a quick playlist of songs that I have either been obsessed with, or go with a certain theme. For Thursday, I'll be posting an OOTD/OOTW. Fridays I'll post my "Summer Lovin'" segment during the summer, until then I'll be posting about random things. Finally on Saturdays I'll be posting my new apps of the week.
I know I've posted this before, but I thought I would post it on my new blog, plus I changed some things around.

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